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What is PUBG Game | PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

PUBG! PUBG! & PUBG! Everyside Everywere. Confused what is it? PUBG is a battle game which you can play in Mobiles (Android & iOS), Xbox One, Personal Computer as a Solo (Single Mode), Duo (2 Players) & Squad (4 Players). It means you can play in every platform. First we will tell you who are in the back end of PUBG- PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. So PUBG game is published by PUBG Corporation under a subsidiary of South Korean company called Bluehole. The same was Published for mobiles under the name of Tencent games and for Xbox One under Microsoft studios. It is one of the most trending game for mobiles & PC till the fortnite has launched. You can also see FORTNITE VS PUBG.

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Facebook faces fine of £500000 from UK Data Watchdog

The Information Commissioner’s Office of UK has fined Facebook for £500,000 after the Cambridge Analytica Data Scandal. Facebook faces fine. Not making sure that the users data was deleted from Cambridge Analytica, Facebook has to face all the accusation for that. And as a result used to swing the results of the election. ICO has also decided to take criminal action against SCL Elections, the now defunct parent company of Cambridge Analytica. The commission plans to take legal action against the company directors.

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How to be Master in SEO | Best way to be Expert in SEO

Online search engine marketing industry has been seen evolving in recent years. SEO is something which is a unique concept and has been gaining popularity in recent times. It is basically a set of tools and practices that helps websites or even newly launched apps to gain more online presence and rank higher in search engine results. There are six essential tips to be kept in mind while mastering editorial SEO basics for a sustainable return on investment.

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Gram Panchayats to get $587Mn Worth of Wi-Fi Hotspots

Gram Panchayats are expected to get a huge boost in terms of Wi-Fi Hotspots. A news claims that under the BharatNet programme Gram Panchayat’s will be getting $587 million worth Wi-Fi Hotspots. A tender has been floated by the Department of Telecom to install over 5 Lakh Wi-Fi Hotpots across the country. Under this programme, an estimated budget of around 1.5 Lakhs has been kept per Gram Panchayat. And this programme will cover around 2.3 lakh Gram Panchayat’s.

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Alibaba Cloud will build Special Teams to Focus on Startups

Alibaba Cloud is set to launch a new distribution channel to tap into the opportunities presented by the growth in Indian startups and small businesses. Focus on Startups Tencent, the global competitor of Alibaba group has also recently planned to launch its own cloud services in India. In a move to counter the growing industrial competition, a senior Alibaba executive has explained why they plan to invest in India. Alex Li, General Manager of Alibaba Cloud Asia Pacific said that digitalisation will add $154 billion to the Indian GDP and so it is a great opportunity to do business in India in this phase of growth. He also pointed out how Alibaba cloud services has always aimed to empower businesses of all sizes in India.

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