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How to Get De-indexed by Google | De-indexing websites

Even top websites that do not agree with Google’s rules regarding website and content management & creation can get down-ranked or even De-indexed by the search engine – which might bean the virtual death of your business in this day and age where everything relies on the accessibility of information. How to Get De-indexed by Google

How to de-index a page

Google has various ways to de-indexed your website, so always be careful about these key points:

• Cloaking, or the act of showing a search engine one thing but human visitors entirely different content.

• Spamming, be it the generation of automatic content, sneaky redirects, or creating pages with malicious behavior.

• Creating web – pages with spam-y structures.

• Free hosting –  Google considers  free hosting to be a scam, because any kind of hosting requires a certain fee.

• Clearing out user-generated spam like back links to other websites

De-indexing websites

Google can de-index your website by various ways, so remember the below points:

• Keyword Stuffing – inserting meta descriptions and even entire web pages to improve a page’s SEO rankings. Even using repeated keywords or hidden text on your website can cause an action notice from Google

• Not having enough original content or duplicating content from other sites

• Spinning Articles– rewriting articles by combining text from multiple sources – by using machines and algorithms

• Doorway pages that just link back to the main page and gobble up the top spots on SERP’s

• Using unnatural links to/ from your website – by buying links, linking from forum signatures, spamming comments on blogs, low-quality guest-posting, link exchanges as link farms etc., and paid links.

So instead of resorting to dirty tactics and trying to manipulate your SEO ranking, try to take out the time to develop some meaningful content and get where you want to in a honest way. DE-indexing websites

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