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Facebook Ads will let you use AR to ‘Try On’ Items in Ads

Facebook is planning to roll out a new ad format that will use Augmented Reality technologies to let users ‘try on’ the item featured in the advertisement section of Facebook Ads. This is supposed to help users make a purchase decision based on how the product will look on them.

The ads will feature as regular sponsored content on your newsfeed, with the exception of a ‘Tap to try on’ option. When a user agrees to give Facebook camera access. An AR version of the product will appear on the user’s face. Facebook showed the new feature using Sephora makeup products as an example.

Facebook Ads will let you use AR to ‘Try On’

The only problem with this is that users might be skeptical to purchase things like clothes and cosmetics. As the customer needs to touch and feel the product before purchasing. Michael Kors will be the first brand to feature and test its sunglasses using this new ad format.

The ads are supposed to target people who are looking for gifts in the holiday season. They can try on these products before deciding what to buy. Facebook also announced that the user can also post a picture of them with the AR product to their story. Snapchat’s stock took a hit as a result of this announcement. As Snapchat is also known to use AR ads on its platform. It is rumored that Snapchat is also innovating its ads by partnering up with Amazon on some kind of ‘Camera search’.

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